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Are You Ready for Mobile Search? standard

Google changed their algorithm to  serve only mobile compatible search result to mobile users. This Mobile-Friendly Ranking Factor was added to the mobile search algorithm on April 21. Google says this is on a page-by-page and real-time basis. So if you have some pages on your web site that are mobile-friendly and some that are not, then only the pages that are mobile-friendly will benefit. By real-time we believe Google means that they will be constantly re-checking which pages are mobile compatible. Many websites have sub-sections or specialized pages that would be hard to make mobile-friendly as well as pages or pages that are not important to search such as tech documents for internal use so we don’t need to worry about being completely ...

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Tips for Inbound Marketing standard

Gone are the days when just having a website was enough. These days, having a GREAT website is one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy. In most cases, having an effective website can give you a huge advantage over conventional BLT advertising. One of the most interesting attributes of digital marketing is that it creates a level playing field between bigger and smaller businesses. You don’t need exorbitant budgets to compete for the attention of your online audience. With Search Engines, Social Media, and Smart Phones, the target market is getting easier to reach every day. When we consult with small and medium sized businesses on how to get most traffic from their websites, we often offer simple and ...

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