Online Marketing

Bower Web Solutions is your NJ internet marketing firm for companies both large and small. Bower Web Solutions can help you grow your business through an online marketing campaign.

market yoru businessOnce your website is launched, Bower Web Solutions can continue to support and promote your site with a custom online marketing campaign. Our internet marketing professional can offers you several ways to market your company online and drive more web traffic to your website:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization focuses on getting higher ranking with "free" listings in search engines such as Google and Yahoo (versus Pay Per Click campaigns). Any SEO "expert" that says they know EXACTLY how Google's ranking system works or promises that you will number one in Google, is not being 100% honest. Many times these firms use questionable SEO practices that will eventually come back to haunt you, even possible get your website blacklisted! Bower Web Solutions use proven techniques to help our clients increase web rankings without shady gimmicks or tricks. Click here for more details on search engine optimization.

PPCPay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

Pay Per Click Marketing ads are shown based on the keywords an internet users into the search engine such as Google. PPC can be a profitable method to increase sales but managing a Pay Per Click marketing campaign requires specific knowledge, skills and experience and well as a considerable time commitment. Let Bower Web Solution manage your PCC campaigns.

Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing or "pay for performance" gives payments to individuals or companies based on how well they work to promote your site. These "affiliates" promote your site and in return gets a percentage of the sale value. We can work with various affiliate networks on your behalf to promote your web site.

Email MarketingE-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing offers easy way to maintain customer relationship and foster new ones. But in today's ever-changing fast paced business world, it is getting harder and harder for businesses to maintain their own e-mail marketing campaigns. With our knowledge of e-mail marketing and our partnership with such e-mail marketing leaders such as Constant Contact, Bower Web Solutions can provide your company with this value added service. Learn more about our e-mail newsletter services.

social mediaSocial Media

Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and other offer relevant content and exposure to the online community by engaging and interacting with their audience. We analyze our customers' needs in order to try and create meaningful and targeted messages. Click here for more details about our social media services.

Website AnalyticsWebsite Analytics

Every web hosting package we offer comes out the box with traffic statistics software. We can even integrate other tracking methods into your site such as Google Analytics. We can offer you weekly reports and can help you understand them in order to make educated decisions when it comes to adjusting your overall marketing scheme.

Google Local BusinessGoogle Local Business

A listing in Google's Local Business Directory of Google Places allows your company to proactively reach customers, build a great relationship with them and make your business more visible on the web. Find out more about Google Local Business.